Thursday, November 20, 2008

Michigan Week-Coaches

Today's topic looks at the coaches, past and present who have led their teams in this fierce rivalry.

Since 1935, when the Michigan-Ohio State game moved to the end of the Big Ten schedule, the success of a season was often measured by the results of The Big Game. A coach could redeem a poor season by defeating the arch-rival or, an otherwise stellar record could be marred by an inability to "win the big one." (source: OSU/Michigan websites)

Jim Tressel's current run of four consecutive wins matches the longest winning streaks of Francis Schmidt (1934-1937) and Woody Hayes (1950-1963). Fielding Yost holds the series reocrd for consecutive wins with a nine year run from 1901-1909. The secodn longest string for a Michigan coach is three wins: Firtz Crisler, 1938-1940 and 1945-1947; Bo Schembechler, 1976-1978; and Lloyd Carr, 1995-1997.

Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez will be coaching in this rivalry game for the first time.

With their losingest season in school history, the Wolverines have nothing to lose but everything to gain if they manage to beat us. Welcome to "The Game, RR."

Woody and Bo

The Ten Year War
Of all the coaching match-ups in the long Michigan-Ohio State rivalry, none has been more intense and at times bitter than that between Woody Hayes and "Bo" Schembechler. For ten years the two dominated the "Big 2 and Little 8," splitting ten conference titles between and finishing second eight times. Hayes supposedly could not bring himself to speak the name of "that school up north" and Schembechler, who played for Hayes at Miami of Ohio and was an Ohio State assistant coach, savored nothing more than putting it to his old mentor. After a decade of memorable on-field stratagems, sideline antics, and locker room psychological ploys, the two coaches came out almost dead-even, Schembechler holding a slim 5-4-1 advantage.

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