Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Has it really been THAT long?

I can't believe that my last post was over 3 months ago. It's not that my life has been so busy that I didn't have time to post. It's just typical of most things in my life. I start off like gangbusters and then when the novelty wears off, I'm done.

But now that I have a laptop and wireless internet at home, I hope to get back to blogging pretty regularly.

Since my last post:

-celebrated my 42nd birthday March 24th.
- attended an awesome scrapbooking retreat in Alabama
-started graduate school (finally0
-attended my 20th college class reunion
-took a road trip with my girlfriend to the Vera Bradley outlet sale

And there's lots coming up:
-Dance recital
-end of year Brownie events
-last day of school/work
-teaching summer school for the first time
-kids attending summer camp for the first time

So, hope to get back in the groove of posting. Hope you'll keep reading.


CloverGirl said...

Welcome back, B!!!!

McKay Family said...

Way to go! Glad to see you back in Blogger-land!