Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There's no day like a snow day

We have a snow day today. That should be a good thing, right? Normally, it would be cause for great joy but today's snow day means we are over our alloted 5 calamity days. We will now have to make up any days missed at the end of the school year.

Thanks to Hurricane Ike back in September, Ohio was hit with a massive windstorm that caused widespread power outages. Many school districts in Central Ohio had to use their days because they had no electricity. Our district used 4 out of our 5 days. My school used all 5 because we were still out on the day that most of the district went back. Then we were out on the Friday before the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday so that put the district at 5 days.

But with last night's snow and ice storm they cancelled school for today-that puts us over. Still haven't heard about tomorrow yet.

We can enjoy them now, but we will definitely pay for it later.

8:30- we'll be off again tomorrow. Heaven help me.

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