Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a pretty busy weekend. We spent Friday at home since there was a snowstorm warning-but nothing came of it. Saturday I sent ds with his dad to get a much needed haircut while I dropped off my niece at dance and then wasted some time (and a little money) at Target with dd and Amber (her babydoll).

I dropped the kids off with my brother as I enjoyed a much needed manicure. It was a little pricey-$22 but I was desperate for one, so it was worth it. Of course after getting a manicure I didn't want to do any housework.

I spent the evening working on some scrapbook pages and altered crafts.

Sunday did not go as planned. I woke up feeling very lightheaded and a little sick so I stayed home from church and didn't attend my sorority meeting. I was able to get a few loads of laundry done but dh really helped out and even cooked dinner.

We have a busy week coming up: dance, basketball and Brownies. I don't think I was in this many activities when I was a kid!

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