Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tagged: 6th picture in the 6th album/folder

Brandi thought of me for this fun blog game. The rules of the game find the sixth picture in the sixth album on my computer.
I cheated a little bit and did the 6th folder from the bottom because the one at the top didn't have good pictures in it. This is from Vacation Bible school in 2006. I can never get good pictures in a church but that's Bailey and Kendall saying their lines in the closing program.
I'll tag: Cyn, Lori, Meg, Cori, Christy and Nadya.


CloverGirl said...

I'm so glad Bailey knows that she shall not kill. LOL!!!

Very cute pictures.

Nadya 's World!!! said...

Thanks for tagging me... :)
This year is going to be our 4th year doing Bible Clubs at our house... :) Kids have so much fun being part of them... :)
Cute picture!
Nadya :)