Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a fairly busy weekend. On Friday, I took the kids out to eat at Steak and Shake before I subjected them to a visit to Target and Michael's! By the time we got home it was near bedtime because we all had to be up Saturday morning.

Saturday started with a stop at the donut shop on the corner-it's really dangerous to live 3 houses down from a donut shop. After dropping off my niece at the dance studio, I needed to take my son to his first basketball game of the season. Can we say what a difference a year makes? Last year we got blown out in the first couple of games. But this year? We had had enough practice before the first game that we we looked pretty good as we won 26-25 in sudden death double overtime!!!

During his game I had to take my daughter over to the church for her Religion class to prepare her to make her 1st Communion next year. My mom was also over at the church getting it decorated for Black History Month. So, when she was finished I took her home.

Later in the afternoon we made a "kid switch" and a friend of Kendall's came over and the girls went to spend the night with his sister. I got the better end of this switch because the boys were very low maintenance and my husband took them to Gameworks when he got home from work, so I was able to spend several hours in my craft area making cards.

Sunday was church and then a Super Bowl party. I was rooting for the Cardinals but I was very happy that the lone Buckeye in the game, Santonio Holmes, had an awesome game-winning catch and was named the MVP-Go Bucks!!

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CloverGirl said...

Halfway through the game, I said that the Steelers had to win because Holmes deserved MVP. When he made their last TD catch, I had tears in my eyes. It was AMAZING!!

Glad you had a nice weekend.